About Us

Meet Web Designer Nat Couropmitree

Nat Couropmitree is the founder of Heartfelt Business Media and the principal designer. As a teenager, he had aspirations of becoming an architect. He was fascinated by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright and has always been drawn to clean, modern design. While he ultimately never pursued that path, that influence has found its expression through website design. He taught himself to design sites for his earlier entrepreneurial ventures and has been creating sites for customers since 2009.

Besides his interest in design and technology, Nat has also served as a life coach for 15 years. Through life coaching, Nat has grown to be a great listener which helps him as a designer to be in tune with what his clients want and need. Clients have often expressed that they see Nat as a partner in their business, rather than just a guy doing a job for them.

Beyond web design, Nat enjoys traveling the world, taking pictures of nature, dancing the Argentine Tango, and spending time with family, especially his 2 year old grandson. 

Nat Couropmitree

Website Platforms

We design the majority of our websites using WordPress because it allows for the greatest amount of customization.

Occasionally clients come to us requesting support with a Squarespace or a similar platform type site. We’re happy to help and are also proficient in these other website design environments. 

Our Design Process

Here is a general overview of our website design process. Depending on the scope of your project, your site may take less time or more time.

1) Schedule A Complimentary Consultation | Request a Quote

During this session, you’ll get to share your project vision and marketing goals with us. We’ll ask clarifying questions to make sure we understand your request. Then at the end of our conversation, you’ll receive a quote. Schedule a consultation here.

2) Creating the Framework

Week 1-2: During this phase, we create the structure and layout of your site. 

  • Choose the site’s design style & colors
  • Send us any content you have
  • We’ll create your home page with your content inserted

3) Building Out Your Site

Week 3-4: During this phase, after we get approval of the home page, 

  • We’ll add the other pages of your site.
  • Replace any stock photos with ones you prefer
  • Add social media icons
  • Tweak the size of your logo
  • Update the navigation menu

4) Prepare to Launch | Refine the details

Week 5-6: During this phase, we prepare your site to go ‘live’.

  • You’ll get to review your site for any last minute tweaks
  • We confirm that all links are working.
  • Set up basic search engine optimization (SEO) settings. 
  • Set up your email address
  • Post about your new site on social media & through your email list

5) Advanced Search Engine Optimization (Optional)

Week 7-11: Your site is now ‘live. If you decide to go with a more comprehensive SEO package, during these 4 weeks, we’ll work to give your site more visibility and traffic.

6) Moving Forward: Your Maintenance Package

Ongoing: We offer a number of maintenance packages depending on your needs and budget. These monthly packages cover:

  • Daily Website backups
  • Security Scans
  • Up-to-date software
  • Website Hosting
  • Updates to your content ***
*** Some of our clients are tech savvy and choose to make simple updates to their website themselves, like to their blog. In these cases, we have a library of videos to help walk them through how to make the updates. However, for page updates that can affect the site’s layout, we don’t recommend the DIY approach.